Free Lessons

Enjoy these free lessons from Mike Christiansen's vast collection of guitar educational materials.

Finger Picking Solos Free Lesson!

Finger Picking Solos

Learn finger picking from one of the best: Mike Christiansen!

A lesson on Fingerpicking Solos: 4 pages–including a blues from The Complete Blues Guitar Book and the tune Sneakin’ ‘Round.

Download FingerpickingSolos.pdf for free!

Playing Tunes By Numbers Free Lesson!

Playing Tunes by Numbers

A unique approach to learning guitar for children!

From Mike’s innovative color-coded children’s My First Guitar Book.

Download PlayingTunesbyNumbers.pdf for free!

Sharp and Natural Signs Free Lesson!

Sharps and Natural Signs

A lesson on sharps and natural signs in music.

Ever been confused by these musical symbols? Here’s a quick primer on how to understand and apply these symbols from Guitar Basics.

Download SharpNatural.pdf for free!

Strumming Chords Free Lesson!

Strumming Chords

A guitar lesson on strumming chords.

Learn how to strum chords the right way from Guitar Basics.

Download StrummingChords.pdf for free!

The Blues Progression Free Lesson!

The Blues Progression

Learn the blues from Mike Christiansen.

From the book You Can Teach Yourself To Play Blues Guitar.

Download TheBluesProgression.pdf for free!

The Chord Clock Free Lesson!

The Chord Clock

Chord theory and beyond.

Learn Mike’s innovative approach to chord theory from Guitar Basics.

Download TheChordClock.pdf for free!

The Minor Pentatonic Scale Free Lesson!

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Unlock the secrets of soloing!

Let Mike teach you how to jam using the Pentatonic scale from The Complete Rock Guitar Book.

Download TheMinorPentatonicScale.pdf for free!