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Complete Rock Guitar Book
“Mike, I just picked up your Complete Rock Guitar Book, and it is killer. Talk about great sequence. This book will really help me develop a stong sense of rock. The DVD is great too. Just wanted to say thanks.”

“Mike, I suppose if were I to add an addendum to my ‘review’ of your book, I would say that I had no idea how thorough the book was for the rock genre. I am thrilled to get started, as well as encouraging my students to use this material.”


My First Guitar Book
“My First Guitar Book by Mike Christiansen has been invaluable to me in teaching young students. It gets them playing fast and presents notation with the familiar integration of colors. The eventual transfer to regular standard notation and tablature has proved to be quite simple as well. The layout of the book is very appealing to young students. They can write their name on the first page and it becomes more personal to them. The repertoire in the book is also very appealing to the students because they know the songs and can sing along with them. At a reasonable price and the ease of downloading it myself, this book has proved to be an excellent investment.”

-Jenny McFarland
Private Guitar Instructor
Logan, UT

Reviews of Clinics and Workshops

"My name is Randy Haley and I teach Classroom Guitar at JH Bruns Collegiate, and Guitar Pedagogy at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Mike Christiansen during our Guitar Celebration event here in Winnipeg and I thought you might be interested in hearing some my reflections on this wonderful experience.

Mike Christiansen was invited to Winnipeg to conduct a workshop for our guitar staff and work with guitar students assembled from 6 separate high schools in our school division. Mr. Christiansen’s responsibilities included rehearsing a 60 plus student guitar ensemble over a 2- day period, and showcasing the guitar orchestra in an evening concert. Although I was clearly aware of Mr. Christiansen's qualifications through his recognized work with Mel Bay Publications, the process of attending his guitar workshop and witnessing his interaction with our students only further cemented my respect for this individual.

Mr. Christiansen quickly developed a rapport with our students and was able to do accomplish the near impossible task of rehearsing over 60 guitar students through 6 challenging selections - all the while maintaining impeccable focus through his conducting and articulate communication skills. The evening concert was a huge success: the students performed like polished young professionals and the feedback from parents was consistently positive. The staff in our guitar department frequently commented about the valuable learning that permeated the rehearsals and were inspired by the workshop content. We are already making plans for our next Guitar Celebration event in 2010. The consensus amongst the guitar teaching staff in Winnipeg was that we absolutely need to book a return visit by Mike Christiansen.

Over the years I’ve attended countless guitar workshops and my own student ensembles have received feedback from many highly respected performers both guitar and otherwise. I can tell you that Mr. Christiansen is among a very elite group of individuals who not only understand the nature of music and the guitar, but can also communicate that knowledge in a concise and meaningful manner. His familiarity with guitar pedagogy and ensemble rehearsal techniques are second to none and our students in the Louis Riel School Division were the beneficiaries of a rare and tremendous musical experience.

Mike Christiansen brings a level of experience rarely seen in these parts and I can only conclude that he is a leading figure in guitar education in North America. I also imagine that you’re well aware of his achievements and duly cognizant of the stature his reputation brings to your organization."

-Randy Haley
J.H. Bruns Collegiate
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Review Quotes Taken From Student Evaluations

"Mike is the best teacher I’ve ever had (I am serious). I have never had so much fun learning."

"The information I received in this workshop was invaluable. I’m far more comfortable now in teaching my guitar classes."

"I wouldn’t change a thing about the workshop."

"I highly recommend the workshop for classroom and private instructors at any level."

"The instructor spoke from experience and gave great examples."

"One of the things I enjoyed about the workshop was Mike’s enthusiasm."

"Mike has an innate ability to go directly to my playing weaknesses and address the specifically and pointedly. Nothing escapes his attention."

"Mike is an excellent instructor and always knows how to bring out the best in me."

"I loved the stories and real life examples. I felt very comfortable in the class."

"Mike doesn’t make you feel silly when you can’t do something. He is very encouraging and positive, quick to note progress. I have enjoyed learning form him."

"I most enjoyed Mike’s well-roundedness, and systematic approach to teaching all styles and levels."

"Mike is very professional at what he does and gives plenty of examples of what to expect in the real world."

"Everything from the workshop will help me."

"The content and the discussions were great."

"Mike made it very easy to ask questions and he gave clear answers."

"Great organization!"

"The sequence used for the workshop could not have been better."