As a supremely versatile guitarist, Mike seamlessly adapts his artistry to every musical context. With a rich background that spans solo performances and collaborative symphonies with orchestras and ensembles, he is equally adept as a backup musician for a diverse spectrum of artists. The enchanting melodies of Mike's solo guitar resonate through the corridors of fine dining establishments, elevate the ambiance of weddings, cast a spell over corporate gatherings, and enchant audiences at receptions and grand concerts alike.

The echoes of his strings have garnered resounding praise, with listeners marveling at the unparalleled beauty of his guitar prowess. One reviewer expressed, "the most beautiful guitar playing I have ever heard," while another exclaimed, "so exciting... I would have sworn there were two guitarists playing." Time and again, Mike surpasses expectations, leaving audiences enthralled by his remarkable performances. Beyond his solo endeavors, Mike thrives amidst the harmonies of jazz groups, ignites the stage with rock bands like Mirage, and adds a touch of Brazil to the air with his enchanting Brazilian ensemble, "An Evening in Brazil."

Prepare to be captivated by the sheer brilliance of Mike Christiansen's guitar virtuosity, an experience that transcends genres and delivers an unforgettable musical journey.  To book Mike fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page.